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Penn State Student Affairs Mark

The Student Affairs mark (logo) – also known as a ‘lockup’ – is based on the primary visual entity of Penn State – the University Mark. (See Penn State Visual Identity Standards.) The Student Affairs mark is the official logo for all departments within Student Affairs at Penn State.

Student Affairs Official Unit Logos (Tier 3 marks)

This is the preferred mark, except in cases when there are multiple sponsoring units (see Mark and Logo Usage With Multiple Sponsoring Units section)

Student Affairs official unit logos include the Student Affairs mark plus the unit name. Student Affairs unit logos are available in both horizontal and vertical (stacked) versions. The horizontal department logo is the preferred version for most printed materials. The vertical version is preferred for clothing (see Apparel and Promotional Items) and for locations where the horizontal version does not fit or would have to be sized too small (see Mark and Logo Sizing section).

The Student Affairs mark or unit logo must be used on all Student Affairs marketing/promotional materials, including printed materials, websites, and promotional items (Also see Apparel and Promotional Items).

Placement and Spacing in Publications

Flyers, posters, and similar one-off publications created by Student Affairs units must have the standard footer provided by the communications office. This footer includes correct sizing and placement of the Student Affairs mark and the accompanying required accommodation statements. Footer templates are available for Word and InDesign and in both standard (blue text on a white background) and reverse (white text on a dark background) versions. For footer templates, visit the templates page. If your unit is in need of a template, please contact our office.

For brochures, booklets, guides, postcards, magazine-type publications, etc. the Student Affairs mark or Student Affairs unit logo may be placed in the following locations:

1) at the top or bottom of the front page / cover
2) at the top or bottom of the back page / rear cover

Other locations may be permissible – please contact the communications office for questions about alternate placement or to assist with the design of your publication.

Mark and Logo Sizing

When placing the Student Affairs mark or a Student Affairs unit logo on a publication, it must be clearly visible, and easily readable. For standard publication sizes such as brochures, booklets, and magazine-type publications, the preferred sizing is approximately 2"-3" in length. The Student Affairs mark minimum size is 1.25" in length to keep it readable and maintain proper identity.

For large publication sizes such as posters or banners, the sizing will vary, but it must always be large enough to be relatively prominent, clearly visible, and easily readable.

Other graphics, logos, or text must not encroach on the clear space around the mark or unit logo. Always leave at least 1/2" of clear space on all sides around the mark or logo for standard publication sizes. For large publication sizes, clear space should always be approximately 1"-2" but will vary depending on the size of the publication.

Mark and Logo Color

2-color Student Affairs Mark and Student Affairs unit logos are the preferred versions for the majority of print and screen uses. These marks are available in standard (for use on a white/light background) and reverse (for use on a dark background) versions. Black and white standard and reverse versions may also be used when appropriate for the design.

Other special use marks for a variety of applications including screen printing, window signage, videos, etc. are available. Contact the Communications office to discuss other needs that are not detailed in this guide.

Choosing the Correct File

File names for Student Affairs unit logos are structured similar to those provided by the Strategic Communications office. Unit logo files contain designations for the unit, color, layout, and file type:

2c – 2 color graphic
Black – black graphic
horiz – horizontal layout
vert – vertical layout
rev – reverse (white graphic for use on a dark background)
eps – file type for print use
png – file type for web and screen use

Placement on a Background

When placing the Student Affairs mark on a background, follow the same guidelines outlined in the University Style Guide:

Color: Specifications for mark use on background colors
Color: Mark use on background colors

When placing the Student Affairs mark on a photo background, follow the same guidelines outlined in the University Style Guide:

Correct mark use: On photographs

Mark and Logo Use With Multiple Sponsoring Units

When creating a publication or promotional piece that is sponsored by multiple Student Affairs units, the Student Affairs mark should be the primary identifying graphic with each unit listed in an appropriate text style (see Typography) below or near the mark. Do not use multiple Student Affairs unit logos on one piece.

When creating a publication or promotional piece that is sponsored by a Student Affairs unit and other university departments outside Student Affairs, the appropriate Student Affairs unit logo should be used in conjunction with the other university department logos.

Do Not…

  • Do not distort, recolor or alter the mark in any way.
  • Do not re-create or replace the text used in the mark.
  • Do not separate the shield from the text.
  • Do not add additional department or program names to the mark.
  • Do not use a unit logo as the primary header of a document

See more information in the University Style Guide: Mark misuse.

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