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What is a U.Ed. Number?

A University Editor (U.Ed.) number is a number assigned by the University Editor representative to all promotional publications. The U.Ed. number serves several purposes:

  • To indicate that the publication has been reviewed and meets Penn State’s publication standards.
  • To create a record of the promotional materials produced by departments.
  • To identify the unit that produced the publication.

What materials need U.Ed. numbers?

Any print or .pdf promotional or marketing publication must be reviewed and issued a U.Ed. number. This pertains to materials that are used to promote, inform, or recruit and are directed primarily to external audiences (i.e. students). If you are revising an existing document, you will need to submit the revised version for a U.Ed. number.

Examples of materials that need U.Ed. numbers

  • recruitment materials
  • brochures
  • flyers and postcards
  • posters
  • calendars
  • schedules of events
  • booklets
  • view books
  • invitations
  • annual reports
  • newsletters, catalogs, and magazines
  • ads for external publications (ads for stall stories/toilet paper do not need U.Ed. numbers)

Examples of materials that do not need U.Ed. numbers

  • classroom instructional materials
  • scholarly journals
  • faculty papers/reports
  • internal memorandum
  • forms
  • signage
  • Digital signs

What do we look for when issuing a number?

How do I request a number?

  • When a publication is finalized, e-mail a copy of your final document to
  • While we strive to turn around requests quickly, please allow 2-3 days for us to review the document and issue a number.
  • When you receive the U.Ed. number, please place this on your document following the nondiscrimination statement.
  • Send a final copy of your document with the U.Ed. number to
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