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BBH 251: Straight Talks I: Advanced Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Peer Education

This course will afford students opportunities to develop presentation skills and critical consciousness about power, privilege, and social change. The class focuses on experiences related to communities embodying diverse genders and sexualities, strives to expand exploration related to identity, and helps students recognize the experiences of those from historically marginalized communities.

Through instruction, readings, discussions, interactive activities, participation, self-reflection, and guided teaching experiences, students will have opportunities to achieve the course objectives. As a result, students will be able to translate theory to practice and deliver a project-based learning experience serving the local community.

BBH 297: Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity Internship

Students who are interested in working as an intern in the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity can do so for Work Study or class credit. While other internship credits are accepted, the CSGD also offers BBH 297 as an internship class.

For more information about internship opportunities email the Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity at 

Sexuality and Gender Studies Minor

The undergraduate minor in Sexuality and Gender Studies addresses human sexuality and gender as they have been conceptualized and investigated by diverse disciplines: humanities (including history and cultural studies), behavioral and social sciences, biological sciences, and visual and performance arts.

Courses in the minor require students to explore scholarship and research on sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender across the lifespan, across cultures, and throughout history. Courses in the minor cover theories of sexuality and gender; sexual orientation; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender movements; the history of sexual norms; queer theory; gender identity; and impact of gender identities and erotic orientations on the arts; etc.

Find out More Information about this minor. 

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