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Head offshore and explore Stone Valley from a different perspective. Discover beautiful views and enjoy calmness unique to being on the waters of Lake Perez. Stone Valley offers paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, rowboats and sailboats for rental. Consider spending a portion or all of your day on the lake.


Rental Season & Rental Hours:

Rental season is from Memorial Day weekend thru the last weekend in October, subject to weather conditions affecting opening & closing dates. Contact office (814) 863-1164 to check status! Pre-Scheduled Group Activities may also affect public offerings.

Boat Rental Days & Hours First
All Boats Returned By
Memorial weekend
Saturday in MAY

Monday - Saturday 9am 7pm 8pm
Sunday Noon 7pm 8pm
Boat Rental CLOSED in AUGUST on Tue & Wed - Aug 22, 23 and Aug 29, 30
SEPTEMBER Friday, Saturday
& Monday
9am 6pm 7pm
Sunday Noon 6pm 7pm
Boat Rental CLOSED in SEPTEMBER on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
OCTOBER Friday, Saturday
& Monday
9am 5pm 6pm
Sunday Noon 5pm 6pm
Boat Rental CLOSED in OCTOBER on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday


Private Boats: Stone Valley Launch Permits are REQUIRED.

Daily & Season Launch Permits are available for sale thru the Park Office. The Stone Valley Launch Permit is the ONLY permit that is valid on Lake Perez. Rates are listed below.

  • All Pennsylvania boating, fishing and hunting regulations apply to the Stone Valley Recreation Area.


Available to certified sailors. Those who wish to rent sailboats must present card or similar sailing certification. Those with previous sailing experience can get certification from Stone Valley by passing a sailing test.


Private boats with Stone Valley Launch Permits may operate using electric trolling motors only.

Rental Rates:


RENTALS Public PSU Students
Paddle boats (2 & 4 person) $8.50/half-hour $7.75/half-hour
Canoes (seats 1-3) $9.00/hour $8.50/hour
Rowboats (seats 1-3) $9.00/hour $8.50/hour
Kayaks (1 & 2 person) $9.00/hour $8.50/hour
Sailboats (seats 1-2) $9.75/hour $9.00/hour
RENTALS w/ CABINS 48 hours Weekly
Canoes (seats 1-3) $30.50 $70.50
Rowboats (seats 1-3) $30.50 $70.50
GROUP RENTALS (6 or more boats reserved in advance)
Canoes (seats 1-3) $7.00/hour n/a
Rowboats (seats 1-3) $7.00/hour
Safety Boats (w/ staff operator) $27.25/hour
Launch Permit - DAILY $8.75 daily
$2.00 w/ cabin rentals
Launch Permit - SEASON $26.50 season $18.50
Boat Storage - SEASON $73.00 season $62.50


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