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Penn State Healthy Eating and Living Support (HEALS) is a multidisciplinary program that supports healthy eating and decision-making among students. Our team is comprised of physicians, dietitians, and mental health professionals who specialize in providing education, resources, and support to students affected by eating disorders.

How can HEALS help?
HEALS helps students overcome disordered eating by providing immediate medical services and counseling as well as offering life-long strategies for maintaining health, harmony, and body-acceptance.

Services offered through HEALS include:

  • Individual medical evaluation and treatment through University Health Services
  • Individual nutrition evaluation and treatment through the Nutrition Clinic
  • Individual or group therapy through Counseling and Psychological Services 
  • Enhanced outpatient programs for students struggling with more severe symptoms
  • Case management support to help students with referrals, insurance, and evaluation for outside treatment facilities.

Getting started with HEALS
If you or a friend need help with disordered eating, weight management, or other body image issues, please contact University Health Services and request an appointment with a case manger. You can also get started by contacting Counseling and Psychological Services and requesting a phone triage.