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Student Affairs offices are operating remotely. Visit individual department pages for services and contact information. Visit our event calendar for virtual events. 

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OrgCentral helps student leaders manage their organization and keep record of updated members, documents, photos, and more. OrgCentral also holds the most up-to-date list of Student Organizations. Questions can be addressed to the Office of Student Activities at

Technical Support

We have created step-by-step tutorial videos that can help organizations understand some of the key functions of the system. Below you will find brief videos that will walk you through each of these functions. Transcriptions of the videos are available upon request.

  • OrgCentral Overview [2:25 minutes]: This tutorial will give you a brief overview of the OrgCentral platform and how you are able to make edits within your organization. 
  • OrgCentral Rosters [3:49 minutes]: This tutorial will go over how to add members to your organization’s page as well as assign officer positions to members. 
  • OrgCentral Profile [2:34 minutes]: This tutorial explains how to complete information about your organization in the organization profile, including a description of your organization, meeting times/dates/locations, and social media connections. 
  • OrgCentral Forms & Documents [3:36 minutes]: This tutorial will show you how to upload documents into your organization’s page, such as your constitution, as well as how to create forms that can be used to collect information. 
  • OrgCentral News & Photos [3:27 minutes]: This tutorial will explain how to create news articles that can show on the public page and how to upload photos of your organization into your organization’s page. 
OrgCentral Statuses Explained
  • Active – Organizations become active by completing yearly trainings and additional requirements. Active organizations are shown in the Organization Directory and have all privileges of a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) such as the ability to reserve space on campus, access funds from the Associated Student Activities Office, and participate in the Office of Student Activities Involvement Fair.  
  • Frozen – Organizations become Frozen when they do not complete yearly trainings or additional requirements. Common reasons for being Frozen include: not completing the re-registration process, not attending all required trainings, or not completing additional paperwork specific to Dance and Physical Activity organizations. Frozen organizations do not show in the Organization Directory and lose privileges such as reserving space on campus, access to the Associated Student Activities office, and ability to request UPAC funding. To find out why your organization is Frozen and what needs to be completed to be moved to active status, please contact the Office of Student Activities at  


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