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The Office of Student Activities is excited to announce the launch of a new online student organization management platform called OrgCentral

OrgCentral will help grow your organization, increase organizational efficiencies, and help member engagement. 

When logging into OrgCentral for the first time, there are some pre-populated items you will see and some important action items to complete:

What you will see:
  • Summary & Description (this is pulled from your current Mission/Purpose) 
  • Officer list 
  • Membership list 
  • Advisor & Co-Advisor (if applicable) 
  • Category 
  • Website 
  • Organization Address & Phone number (if applicable)
What you need to do:
  • Review your Summary for any necessary edits 
  • Upload your constitution
  • Add any members you need to (you can now batch upload) 
  • Add any officers you need to (you can now create your own) 
  • Add your ASA number 
  • Add your membership target audience (undergraduate, graduate, or both) 
  • Add any non-PSU advisors if applicable.

Questions can be addressed to the Student Activities Office via email at

As OrgCentral is a new platform, we have created step-by-step tutorial videos that can help organizations understand some of the key functions of the system. Below you will find brief videos that will walk you through each of these functions. Please review these as you begin to set up your student organization’s page in OrgCentral. Transcriptions of the videos are available upon request.

OrgCentral Training Videos:

OrgCentral Overview [2:25 minutes]

OrgCentral Overview

2 minutes, 25 seconds

This tutorial will give you a brief overview of the OrgCentral platform and how you are able to make edits within your organization.

OrgCentral Rosters [3:49 minutes]

OrgCentral Rosters

3 minutes, 49 seconds

This tutorial will go over how to add members to your organization’s page as well as assign officer positions to members.

OrgCentral Profiles [2:34 minutes]

OrgCentral Profiles

2 minutes, 34 seconds

This tutorial explains how to complete information about your organization in the organization profile, including a description of your organization, meeting times/dates/locations, and social media connections.

OrgCentral Forms & Documents [3:36 minutes]

OrgCentral Forms & Documents

3 minutes, 36 seconds

This tutorial will show you how to upload documents into your organization’s page, such as your constitution, as well as how to create forms that can be used to collect information.

OrgCentral News & Photos [3:27 minutes]

OrgCentral News & Photos

3 minutes, 27 seconds

This tutorial will explain how to create news articles that can show on the public page and how to upload photos of your organization into your organization’s page.