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Student Affairs Event Calendars

Student Affairs uses CollegeNET/25Live for events. Events entered into our calender through 25Live show up in the following places. 

These events will also be selected to be shared via Student Affairs social media, Penn State social media, emails, and news stories. 

Adding your event to the calendar

For a detailed how-to document on entering events, contact the Communications and Marketing Office. Below are a few key tips. 

  • Select "Calendar Announcement" as your event type. 
  • Make sure to enter a full description, including the event location.
  • To add your events to the Student Affairs calendar select "Calendar - Student Affairs" under the resources section on the 25Live event form.

Please allow at least two business days for your event to appear. 

How to title your event

Best practices for titles

Make sure to use a clear, descriptive title for your event. When viewing the calendar, the event name is the first thing users will see. 

  • Do not use acronyms or abbreviations
  • Use words like “workshop, training, open house, discussion, film, lecture, etc.”
  • Use words like Student, Faculty/Staff, if relevant to a specific audience

Examples of good titles

  • Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity Welcome Reception
  • Stand for State Faculty/Staff Bystander Intervention Training
  • Straight/Curve: Redefining Body Image film screening
What to include in the event description

Event description best practices

Make sure to include an event description. This section has all the details about attending your event. Some important things to include are listed below.

  • Include Location at the top and use bold font: If the event is virtual note that and include a link
  • If Registration is required, include that next and use bold font. Add a link to the registration form.
  • The General Description should be descriptive and tell attendees what to expect. Things you may want to include:
    • Is there a schedule of events?
    • Who is the speaker? What will they be talking about?
    • Is there a cost?
    • Who can attend? Is it open to the public? Are there tickets or a registration? What’s the process?
    • Is food or drink provided?
    • Who is hosting the event? Are there other offices/units that are sponsoring or collaborating?
    • Are there any special instructions, such as having a PSU ID, arriving at a certain time (doors open), wearing a mask, wearing certain clothing, bringing supplies?
  • Is there More information available? If so, include the website link or a contact name/e-mail. 

You do NOT need to list the Title of the event or the Day/Time of the event. Those are already pulled from your event form and listed at the top of the page.

Event description template

Location: Physical Location and/or Zoom or other online platform

Registration: If there is a link for registration, include it here

Include a 1 paragraph general description of the event and what people who attend can expect. Be descriptive. You want to entice people to attend your event.

Include a second paragraph if there is information on cost, special instructions, or a list of collaborators.

Visit our website (link) to learn more.

Including links in your event description

If there is the opportunity to provide a link to registration forms, more information, etc. it's best practice to link text rather than adding a hyperlink.

Make sure all linked text is descriptive, meaning it tells the reader where they are going. Instead of using generic words, such as “Click Here,” link a sentence, such as “Register now for Women in Business Workshop.”

Including an image with your event

If you would like to include a photo or graphic with your event:

  • Submit a photo cropped to 700 px wide x 300 px high. It should include no text or just the event title.
  • Email the graphic to Shea Bracken,, after you submit your event. 
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Our events and programs are open to all students regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, or any other protected class. Student Affairs is committed to building a community of belonging for all.