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Digital Screen Management and Content Sharing

If you are considering a digital sign for your building or office, reach out to Student Affairs IT and Communications & Marketing BEFORE making a decision. We can help you determine the best sign placement for maximum return, purchase compatible equipment, and create a realistic content management plan. 

If you already have a sign in your area or are interested in sharing content with Student Affairs, please use the resources on this page. 

For Content Creators

How to create content slides

All content must be created/sized at 16:9 ratio for optimum display. 

16:9 ratio (1920 pixels x 1080 pixels @ 72 dpi)

Best Practices

Use large, easily readable fonts

  • Stay away from scripts or fancy fonts
  • Body text should be about 30 point or above (depends on the font)
  • Headline text should be about 80 point or above (depends on the font)
  • Use basic colors for body text (black/dark blue)

Limit text

  • Keep your text to about 10-20 words
  • Try to read it OUT LOUD. If you can't read it in 10 seconds, it's too much text

Ensure the background is not distracting

  • Choose solid colors for the background when possible
  • If using a photo, fade the photo or put a block of solid color behind the text
  • Ensure high contrast between the background and text colors (try changing the document to grayscale to test the contrast)


Download PowerPoint template for digital slides.

For Digital Screen Managers

How to access the system

Student Affairs uses the FourWinds Interactive signage system. The signs are managed via the Content Manager Desktop, which is software installed on the user’s computer. 

Contact Student Affairs IT 

  • To request installation of the Content Manager Desktop
  • If you need a new digital sign installed or need a new sign configured on an existing screen
  • To troubleshoot an existing screen

How to set up your digital screen

Within the Content Manager Desktop, use the following template for all Student Affairs digital signage (horizontal):

Templates / SA Standard 16:9

  • Includes a single 16:9 content source region
  • Includes an optional text scroll/feed source region at the bottom – Recommend only for signs that are used in a waiting area

Recommended news feed (for use only in waiting areas)
Content / Feeds / University Park Newswire

Recommended weather media:
Content / Feeds / CampusWeatherServiceDopplarRadar
note: weather media is sized 16:9 for placement in main content source region

Step-by-step instructions for updating your signage to the new SA Standard 16:9 template (PDF)

Sharing Content

Student Affairs has multiple digital screens throughout our buildings, which include the HUB, the IM Building, the Bank of America Career Services Building, the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, and others. If you have content you would like shared on screens in these buildings, please follow these guidelines.

Student Affairs Offices

  • If you have a marketing representative, please send slides directly to them. If you are unsure who your marketing representative is, contact us at
  • If you do not have a dedicated marketing representative, please use the form on this page to submit your slides. 

Keep in mind, your slides will be shared in all Student Affairs buildings as well as on digital screens in other units across the University and sometimes at campuses. 

Other University Offices

If you would like to share content in Student Affairs buildings, please use the form below. If you are using the shared spreadsheet model for digital sigange, please do not submit slides to us through this form - we are already including content you add to your public spreadsheet. 

Student Organizations

More information on how to share slides coming soon. 

Digital Slide Submission Request Form

To request a digital slide on a screen in Student Affairs buildings please fill out the following web form. After you submit the form, you will be directed to a new page where you will upload your content. 

Keep in mind, slides MUST be submitted in the correct format in order for us to display them. View specification and best practices in the For Content Creators section on this page. 

The description should match your file name. 
Does your content need to run during a specific date?
If your content does not have to be run based on date, we will place during the semester you submit it but will use our discretion as to when. We may also run multiple times during the semester based on our amount of content. 
The start date must be at least two days from the submission date. 
Content can run for up to 2 weeks. If you need content to run longer, please submit another request. 
Please select your affiliation below. Note that we do not accept submissions from non-University entities. 

Status message

We are not currently accepting submissions through this form for digital slides for Student Organizations. Please email to request your slide is run on our digital TVs. 
If you are from a Penn State unit outside of Student Affairs, please note that we share content using shared spreadsheets. You may submit your content here; however, if we already subscribe to your spreadsheet, we will not share files individually.  
Is your slide University Park specific or can it be shared with Commonwealth Campuses? 
Penn State Student Affairs
Communications & Marketing

203 Boucke Building 
University Park, PA 16802